Food for Freedom.
Fuel for Thought.

Ghetto Gastro is a global mainstay of food as culture using ancestral ingredients to bring a multitude of flavors and recipes to eaters everywhere. Our collective uses food as a tool to tell stories about where we come from and the cultures that inspire us, generating excitement by merging the cooking traditions of Black, brown, and Asian folks in a high-quality, healthy fashion. Where food goes, so go its people, and where people go, their stories follow. We create experiences around the world, making delicious food and collaborating with the best-in-class partners to intersect fashion, art, activism, design, and music—showing how food truly connects us all. As Ghetto Gastro, we big-up the Bronx as a driver of global culture and use food as a weapon to make an impact in our community.

Break bread to break the mold.
Let’s cook.


Nourish the world by amplifying the artistry, creativity, and brilliance of Global South food culture.

Core Values


Community builds immunity. We work together, in service of one another, to create real transformation.


When we show up for the culture, we change the game. We bring our people. We remake stale systems. We break bread to break the mold.


Nourish yourself, nourish the world. We’re inspired by cultural collision to make food that excites.


Intention, detail, iteration and innovation. We strive for excellence and the flavor you can savor in all offerings. No matter how it’s consumed, our shit has to hit. Non-negotiable.