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  1. Marci

    These are a hit with my kids!
    My kids act like they expect to eat pancakes or waffles 7 days a week. Of course we try to restrict them to more like 2x per week because we feel guilty serving them too much Hungry Jacks and Eggo Frozen waffles. We decided to try both the Ancestral Roots and Chocolate Wavy Waffles. Everyone in the house liked the Ancestral Roots but the Chocolate was a super hit with the kids!

  2. Alicia C. Verified Buyer


  3. Jesus O. Verified Buyer

    Great Flavor option
    The chocolate chips are a win, although it will be appreciated a no added sugar option.

  4. Rachel S. Verified Buyer

    Wow! Sooooo chocolatey.
    Not a bad thing! Just beware when serving to your 2 year old or hitting it with maple syrup! It’s like a rich, decadent brownie in the form of a pancake/waffle.

  5. Ursula C. Verified Buyer

    Chocolate Waffles-the Best
    This is my second batch of chocolate waffle mix. It satisfies my desire for chocolate and it's tasty! Well done!

  6. Akua N. Verified Buyer

    Loooove the chocolate waffle mix
    So good my son is hooked!

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