Chef Knife


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The core steel used in these knives is a carbon steel. Its edge-taking and edge-retention are much better than stainless steel, but care should be taken to not leave it wet or dirty after use to prevent rust. Discoloration to blue and black is normal and even desired however; this is called patina and is what protects the carbon steel knife from reacting more severely and developing red rust.
Aogami Super steel is the culmination of the Hitachi carbon tool steel line. It has increased Tungsten, Carbon and Chromium compared to the other Blue and White steels Hitachi produces. The addition of these alloying elements allows the knife to reach a higher hardness and keep its edge for much longer than simpler carbon as well as most stainless-steel knives. On top of higher hardness, carbon steels also have finer grain structure which is what makes a knife “easy-to-sharpen” since the steel can form a very keen edge with minimal hindrance.
OGÛN vol 1 was made in collaboration with Sakai Takayuki, one of the preeminent knife brands in the famous knife making city of Sakai in Japan, and Yanagi Knife, who’ve created the beautiful Hon-ebony handle and friction-fit saya combination. Since each saya is friction-fit, there is no worry with losing small pins used to hold them in place. The handle is a Japanese octagonal handle with nickel silver spacer and end cap with a water buffalo horn ferrule.
Each blade has been hammer-finished with a black kurouchi finish which will help with food release, helping to prevent cut food from sticking to the side. The knife is made in the san-mai style (three-layer construction) meaning there is hardened steel in the center, jacketed by soft steel. This soft steel on the side is stainless and improves ductility, easing the difficulty of thinning the knife when the time comes and reducing the maintenance required by resisting rust and corrosion. Each knife is sharpened to the utmost and does not need any care or initial sharpening before first use. Since these knives are much sharper than typical Western knives, please take care not to use excessive force while cutting and let the knife do the work.
Because this knife has a core metal sandwiched between a different Steel Type, changing the bevel angle will alter the structure of the blade and it will lose its sharpness.
Style : Kiritsuke-tipped // Bunka
Blade Length (Cutting edge) : (8.07") // 165mm (6.5”)
Weight : 174g
Spine Thickness : 2.0mm
Special Feature: Stainless-clad Kurouchi finish
Blade Steel Type : Aogami Super
Handle Materials : Hon-ebony, nickel silver and buffalo horn
HRC : 64 ±1
Bevel Angle Ratio : 50/50
Cover : Hon-ebony saya included